Helicopter Over Myrtle

It was a week of many firsts for me, from eating oysters to deep sea fishing and the Saturday of my departure was no different . On the way to the airport my buddy CJ asked me if I wanted to hop on a helicopter before I left and I barely let him finish the question. 20 minutes later we’re cruising the Boardwalk a couple thousand feet up on one of the most beautiful days of the year. Near the end of the flight, the pilot asked us if we wanted the “stress free landing” or the “Vietnam re-entry”… Cam and I looked at each other and laughed, I said “Well we’d like to make it home, a lotta homies in Nam didn’t do that.” He turned around with a thumbs up, then proceeded to kamikaze dive bomb us into the trees to the point they were blowing around from the helicopter blades. We screamed and giggled like kids, and lived to tell about it. What an remarkable experience, love you CJ.

The Fam in Kansas

These ones just mean more. A huge thank you to my aunt for trusting me to capture these moments, and a special shoutout to my uncle Bob for being such tremendous, thoughtful, articulate speaker. Gotta keep the kleenex near by when he jumps on the mic. And of course, congrats to Kyle and Rachel, I’ll send some prints down soon! Here are just a few of my favorite candids in black and white, check out the entire set here.

Calm Before the Storm - Garden City Beach, SC

It’s certainly bittersweet to look back on my extraordinary time in South Carolina last week knowing that a lot of the people and places that I saw will be suffering catastrophic damages over the next few days. My heart goes out to my homie Cam and his family, and I hope he knows I got him if they need anything. That being said he are a few of my favorite shots from the most spectacular sunrise I’ve seen in a very long time, 6:30 AM on a back-to-work Tuesday morning after Labor Day weekend on Myrtle Beach. It was just a fisherman, a guy in a beach chair still drinking from the night before, me and my camera. Unbelievably peaceful, and a stark contrast from what the beach will look like in about 36 hours.

Rooftop Drone Session

Had the opportunity to see the latest and greatest in drone technology on display the other night, and of course made the most of it. We hit a couple different rooftops, shot some unbelievable video and had a good ass time doing it. Footage coming soon, here's some behind the scenes shots in the mean time.

#TBT - San Diego in Motion

Whether it was the plane flying over every six minutes or the homie whipping the scooter past the quarter million dollar Bentley, the streets of SD were always in motion and I was always clicking. Here are some of my favorites of San Diego on the move.

Family shoot on the 50

I'm in between lens purchases right now while my go-to is out of order, so I had the challenge of shooting a family session this week on the one lens I had left that actually works, which is an old Canon 50mm from the 80's. And because I'm using an adapter to use it with my Sony, it's only able to shoot on all manual settings, all manual focus, and because it's fixed at 50mm, no zooming either. It's not anything heroic but shooting a kid that won't sit still for more than a quarter of a second it can be quite the task to keep him in focus. I had some luck though and now I'm considering shooting the whole Night Market with it, which as far as giving yourself a challenge goes, would be the equivalent doing a Ragbrai day on a unicycle. I'll think about it. Anyways, here are a few I'm happy with from the shoot, s/o Mo and Erica. 

Taylor Jade at the Junkyard

Very rarely does an idea come together as perfectly as this one did!! A huge shoutout and thank you to Taylor for absolutely killing it and to our friend Hailey for assisting on this shoot, I couldn't be happier with the results. And thankfully we don't have any wild story to tell, we were in and out with no issues. I can only hope this is the first of many collabs between us!

#TBT - Wisconsin State Capital, Hallelujah

Last November I stopped in Madison on my way home from Milwaukee and was pleased to find out that the state capital building was open to the public on Sundays. It was already the most stunning builiding I'd ever been in, but when a lady decided to sing "Hallelujah" from the North Gallery balcony it almost brought me to tears. I'll never forget. God that place is beautiful.