Market After Dark 2019

Market After Dark is the one CR night a year I wouldn’t miss for anything! Alliant ‘lit up the night’, Need had the slices flying out the window, I talked myself onto a rooftop, and got the Mary Z shots I’ve been dreamin about since last year. It was a huge success and I already can’t wait for MAD 2020. Thank you again to all my friends for making the night the best of the year and to the Economic Alliance for trusting me for the gig. See the full set here.

Stormy Sunset

I had to drop everything yet again to go catch these, but dinner can always wait. Taken in the pouring rain, which was apparently done in the west where there was an unbelievable pinkish fiery sunset happening. I ran from GTC to the 8th St Bridge and back, got soaked, and got buckets.

May Lightning

Some shots from the lightning storm earlier this week, I saw how active the lightning was out my window and dropped everything to go shoot it. These are over the span of an hour, I got poured on and got the police called on me but I think it was worth it (they just told me “don’t get zapped” when they showed up.) Shot at 1/125 second at 11 fps or something, I likened it playing soccer goalie… lot of guesswork and deleting empty sky pictures later.

Palmetto Sunset

Hard to believe but this is all the same sunset. Never really seen the sun like that before. Taken 5/11/19 from Emerson Point Perserve in Palmetto, FL.

Polar Vortex pt 1.

The actual coldest day of my entire life… still got out there for a few different sessions though! This one was a mid-afternoon lap around the river downtown. I believe it was -23 with a -40 wind chill at the time. By the end the touchscreen on my phone was inoperable, not sure if its cause the phone was too cold or if my fingers were no longer registering as human fingers.

4:30 Sunset : (

When the sun goes down at 4:30 pm all you can do is make the best of it. Spent about 20 minutes on foot yesterday between 1st and 2nd Ave on 6th street with the Sony 55-210mm, I’d say another 10-15 minutes and I woulda lost all feeling in my hands. It was brutal.

Mile High Snow Day

Spent this past Sunday afternoon wandering the Capital Hill/Cheeseman Park area of Denver as they got a few inches of snow. It was serene to say the least. S/o TJ for playing tour guide and being an amazing host for the weekend. Got a few sets of her on the way.

CR from Deep

UPDATE: I was getting too wordy with this one. Here’s CR from the Wilson Bridge, everythings for sale. K.I.S.S.